Transition in the Oakleigh Education Plan

Within the Oakleigh Education Plan, a key goal is to strengthen transition for students as they move through different stages of their schooling, most notably from primary into secondary school. Transition forms a key part of the OEP, through increased teacher collaboration in areas such as curriculum and program design, sharing of student learning data, classroom practice and common activities and events.

The Japanese Learning Walks enable teachers to share the strategies and approaches they employ in their classrooms as well as understand the different structures within their respective schools. These opportunities are particularly valuable for primary teachers observing a secondary classroom and vice versa.

Teacher collaboration in designing and developing a bespoke STEM teaching and learning framework is another example of teachers working together to ensure the transition experience for students is as seamless and smooth as possible. The collaborative development of a STEM curriculum scope and sequence from primary to secondary provides consistency in the progression of STEM learning for our students.

The wider aim of the Transition focus within the Oakleigh Education Plan in line with the wider Transition action plans across our three schools is to help equip students with the skills and mindsets to make a positive transition into secondary school and a build strong foundation for their secondary learning.